Write Your Bestseller Book Outline

Ready to write your book outline? In this course you will learn:

1. How and why to set up a prayer team to support you in your writing journey

2. How to figure out your book topic

3. Why you need to do market research

4. How to do market research

5. How to define WHO you are writing your book for

6. How to figure out WHY you are writing your book

7. Key ideas to include in your book

8. How to hook your reader's attention and keep it!

9. How to write a detailed outline that will guide you as you write your book.

30 Modules

Lesson 1

Welcome! Clear your desk and your calendar.

Lesson 2

Are you serious? Sign the Commitment card!

Lesson 3

Get support! Build a prayer team

Lesson 6

Choose your book topic!

Lesson 8

Know your competition!

Lesson 9

Look Inside Published Books

Lesson 10

Research bestselling books on Kindle

Lesson 12

Beware of dead ends!

Lesson 13

What do people like?

Lesson 15

What are people looking for?

Lesson 17

Know your "WHO"—your audience

Lesson 18

Why are you writing this book?

Lesson 19

The Beginning of Your Outline

Lesson 23

Diving Deeper into Transformation

Lesson 24

Add subpoints to your outline

Lesson 29

Next steps continued

Modules for this product 30

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